On a second roll call vote, Illinois senators voted 30-19 last Tuesday to approve Senate Bill 1380, according to the May 15 State Capitol Report.

The bill was originally defeated in the Senate on April 23, but the sponsor of the bill used a parliamentary procedure to keep the bill on the Senate calendar. Find out how your senator voted last Tuesday.

Senate Bill 1380 is pending in the House and remains in the House Cities & Villages Committee. The IAR has opposed the bill, which amends two sections of the Municipal Code, primarily dealing with the lien that a municipality files for costs incurred for removing: weeds, grass, trees, bushes, pests, garbage, debris and graffiti. The bill seeks to allow municipalities to skip foreclosure proceedings on the lien of the offending property and instead obtain a judgment lien against all real estate of the owner.

Please read the May 15 State Capitol Report for more details and for other news, such as:

  • House Bill 3332 to “clean up” obsolete references in the Real Estate License Act (which IAR supports);
  • House Bill 3464 about civil rights violations in real estate transactions (IAR is neutral) after discussions on further clarifications to be added in the Senate;
  • A modified version of Senate Bill 1547 putting limits on crime-free ordinances (IAR opposes the version as sent to the House from the Senate but continues to work on changes to remove our opposition); and
  • An amendment to House Bill 695, property tax freeze (IAR monitoring the issue).

The House and Senate are working toward the Third Reading Deadline of Friday, May 22.

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