The critical role of REALTOR® FPCs

The Illinois REALTORS® relies on Federal Political Coordinators to help protect the real estate industry. Key association members are assigned to maintain relationships with specific members of Congress to keep them up-to-date on REALTOR® issues. They stay in touch throughout the year in the members’ home districts and during visits to Capitol Hill.

Meet the FPCs

U.S. Senate

Matt Farrell
Matt Farrell
Nancy Suvarnamani
Nancy Suvarnamani

U.S. House

District 1
District 1 Nykea Pippion McGriff
District 2
District 2Tonya Corder
District 3
District 3John C. Kmiecik
District 4
District 4Sonia Anaya
District 5
District 5Tommy Choi
District 6
District 6Carrie Little
District 7
District 7Tracey Williams
District 8
District 8Kinga Korpacz
District 9
District 9Marilyn Glazer
District 10
District 10Matt Silver
District 11
District 11Jeff Gregory
District 12
District 12Greg Holthaus
District 13
District 13Max Mitchell
District 14
District 14Matt Persicketti
District 15
District 15Doug Hartmann Sr.
District 16
District 16Ed Neaves
District 17
District 17David Levin
District 18
District 18Pat McCarthy