Commercial membership: there’s power in the red “R”

Illinois REALTORS Commercial Real Estate Experts
Illinois REALTORS® Joan Caton, Alex Ruggieri and Bill Caton at MIPIM, an international real estate conference that showcases commercial property.

Illinois REALTORS® has members who specialize in facilitating commercial transactions throughout the state. These practitioners use a distinctive red “R”, and are very engaged on public policy as it relates to industrial, rental and commercial properties.

Understanding commercial real estate

Commercial transactions are a major part of the overall real estate business. But to thrive in the commercial real estate business, practitioners need to be aware of the complexity of commercial transactions and the various commercial specialties which exist.

The online video CE course 411 on Commercial Real Estate explains some of the intricacies commercial brokers encounter. In addition to earning 3 hours of Elective CE credit, students will gain a deeper appreciation for the practice of commercial real estate transactions.

Get a commercial legislative report for the latest session

Lawmakers considered bills which targeted commercial practitioners and their clients.
2018 Legislative Report Overview