New 4-hour Core CE requirement

Core CE curriculum requirements changed June 30, 2019. Learn more about the changes to CE requirements for license renewal.

New continuing education courses will be available by the end of the year. You may request a notification when CE courses are available in the Education Store by providing your name and email address.

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Find your license renewal requirements

Broker license renewal education requirements are based upon the date you were first licensed. Use IDFPR’s Online License Lookup to find your license date.

Brokers licensed between Feb. 1, 2018 and Jan. 31, 2020

You must take 30 hours of Broker Post-License Education. The 30 hours must include Broker Post-License Topics and Broker Post-License Applied Real Estate Practices.

30-hour online broker POST-License package


15-hour online broker POST-License course


15-hour broker Post-License Webinar


Classes and Webinars

Brokers licensed prior to Feb. 1, 2018

You must take 12 hours of CE between May 1, 2018 and April 30, 2020. The 12 hours must include a minimum of 4 hours Core CE* and a maximum of 8 hours elective CE.

Classes and Webinars

Also available: 12-hour CE Home Study Package with four 25-question exams to be taken at an Illinois REALTORS® approved proctor location.

Brokers licensed after Feb. 1, 2020

You do not need to renew your license in 2020. You will need to complete 30 hours of broker post-license coursework by the next renewal cycle deadline of April 30, 2022.

Broker renewal FAQs

These questions are specific to broker renewal. For general license renewal FAQs, see CE & Renewal FAQs.

Before the renewal deadline

Q. Is there a new core course available?

A.  The new core will be a 4-hour course and is not yet available. The core requirement will remain the same throughout the 2019 Managing Broker renewal. You will be required to have a minimum of 6 hours of core to include 3 Core A, 3 Core B, and 6 elective. Courses that were previously approved to expire on 6/30/18 were extended to expire on 6/30/19.

After the renewal deadline

Q.  I renewed my license through the online portal and the IDFPR website is not showing that I renewed.  How do I know if it was processed? 

A.  The online License Lookup is updated daily.  Any changes should appear the next business day after your renewal application has been processed.  If you renew online and then immediately check the status, it will not appear updated until the application is processed which is typically within one to two business days and may vary depending on volume.

Q.  Can I still practice real estate as a Broker after April 30, 2020 if I have not completed the required education and/or completed the renewal application and paid the fee to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation?

A.  No. Contact the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation to learn your options: IDFPR 1-800-560-6420 or

Q.  What is the fee for renewing late?

A.  The late renewal fee includes a $50 late fee increasing your renewal fee from $150 to $200.

Q.  If I have completed my education, paid the fee and submitted the renewal form on or before April 30 but have not received the email to print my license, may I practice now?

A.  Yes. Make sure you keep records of your completed education, online renewal confirmation and payment for proof purposes in the case of an audit. Primary source verification and evidence that you are licensed can be obtained free of charge by visiting the IDFPR online License Lookup database.   You may print out a screen shot of your license number showing that it is active. If the IDFPR does not have a current email address for you, please notify them immediately.  Follow this link to change your email address.

Q.  What email address will my electronic license come from?

A.  The email notification will come from IDFPR Notification (

Q.  What if I haven’t completed my education in time to meet the renewal date of April 30, 2020 for the broker license?

A.  Do not renew!  If you renew without completing the required education you could face a penalty of up to $75 per 3-hour course, or $25 per credit hour that you were deficient (e.g., deficient 3 hours, $75 penalty).

Q.  I was required to take Post License courses for my first renewal and took CE in instead.  What should I do?

A.  If you already renewed it is likely that the Department will catch this in the audit. It would be best to go ahead and take the post license course work as soon as possible so that your records may be sent to the Department. You may still be fined up to $25 per credit hour, but it is always best to notify the department to avoid additional penalties. Unfortunately, the CE you have completed will not count for your next renewal cycle.

Q.  What if I can’t find a course?

A.  The 15-hour Broker Post License Topics course may be taken online , so you would just need to find a 15-hour Broker Post License Applied Real Estate Practices course. If no course offerings are available through any schools, you may have to hire a private instructor to complete the 15-hour interactive course.

Q.  If I renewed early, can I start taking my CE immediately for the next cycle?

A.  No.  You must wait until after the renewal deadline has passed and complete your education after May 1, 2020 or it will not count toward your next renewal cycle requirement.

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