IAR urges members to help fight crime-free measure, document recording fee in Illinois Senate

take action graphicThe Illinois Association of REALTORS® (IAR) is asking its members to call Illinois lawmakers today in opposition of two bills that could layer additional fees and drive up the cost of doing business in real estate.

Senate Bill 1155, sponsored by Sens. Thomas CullertonLinda Holmes, is scheduled to come up for debate on Wednesday morning. IAR strongly opposes the bill, which if passed could give counties and municipalities the right to:

— Make landlords obtain a license in order to rent property.
— Have landlords go through crime safety and crime prevention training.
— Mandate background checks for those renting property.
— A similar measure (HB 2437-McAsey) is scheduled in the House Thursday afternoon.

Senate Bill 1244 sponsored by Sens. Terry LinkMelinda BushPamela J. Althoff and Julie A. Morrison (HB 2255-Osmond is an identical bill in the House) authorizes Lake County Only to impose a $3 surcharge on the recordation of any “real estate related document” (there may be several in any one real estate transaction) in order to establish a Lake County affordable housing trust fund.

IAR strongly opposes the bill. In short, enough is enough. We already impose numerous fees on real estate, aside from property taxes, including a real estate transfer tax to fund a state affordable housing trust fund (which local governments can access), and a $10 surcharge for the state Rental Housing Support Program (which locals also benefit from. In addition, there are numerous other federal and state assistance programs that can be accessed.

If passed, this legislation could dramatically increase the red tape and bureaucracy that is involved in leasing property.

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About the Author:

Jon Broadbooks is vice president for communications at Illinois REALTORS®.

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