IAR Director of Governmental Affairs Greg St. Aubin and IAR Assistant Director of Legislative and Political Affairs Julie Sullivan review pending legislation.

With a scheduled adjournment date of May 31, the Illinois General Assembly is heading into the final stretch of the spring session and Illinois Association of REALTORS® (IAR) lobbyists are working on key bills that affect the industry and your business.

“After many hours of negotiation culminating in a two-hour plus conference call this week, IAR lobbyists secured a tentative agreement with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation and the appraisal industry on IAR-supported legislation regarding the ability of REALTORS® to perform broker price opinions and comparative market analysis,” IAR Director of Governmental Affairs Greg St. Aubin said Thursday.

Another bill, House Bill 1532, which adds “offensive use of property” provisions to the state’s eviction statute, was advanced out of the Senate Judiciary Committee after an intense hour-long debate. The IAR-supported bill will help give landlords another tool for dealing with truly problematic tenants who disrupt the quiet enjoyment of the premises by their fellow tenants.

IAR lobbyists still need your help on two important bills: Senate Bill 2664 and House Bill 4609. If you haven’t yet, participate in IAR’s Call for Action on these bills! SB 2664 (the IAR’s bill regarding past due assessments for condo foreclosures) and on HB4609 the IAR-supported bill to ban the State Fire Marshal from establishing a fire sprinkler mandate by administrative rule.