REALTORS® in Opposition to Home Rule just released an advertisement that highlights why a vote for Home Rule March 20 by Rockford residents would be  a bad move.

The organization works in communities across the state to stop Home Rule.

The ad highlights the fees and taxes that can come with the measure, which would allow elected officials to circumvent direct voter input.

Illinois REALTORS® in the Rockford area are working against the measure, which could make it much more costly to live in the community.

Rockford is unique in the state as it is the largest city without Home Rule. Normally, once a city reaches 25,000 or more residents it automatically becomes a Home Rule unit. Rockford voters rescinded that status in the 1980s amid growing worries over property taxes.

The consumer outreach foundation Real Property Alliance has also created information on Home Rule and what it might mean for Rockford residents if they vote for it on March 20.