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Register for IAR Capitol ConferenceAs a REALTOR®, you are well aware of barriers to even simple real estate transactions, that include taxes, mandates, fees and restrictions imposed at the state and local level. When policies and pieces of legislation go unchecked, property owners and home buyers can pay the price. Fortunately, REALTORS® have an influence. That’s what IAR’s Capitol Conference is all about.

Legislation has a profound effect on the ease with which you can do business.  As REALTOR® Patrick Zomparelli notes,”If we keep adding more and more expenses to these sellers who are already upside down or in trouble, it really makes it difficult to sell.” For some REALTORS®, HB1376 is a major concern. The bill would require homeowners to pay for a costly video sewer inspection before a property transaction could occur, even if the property was just recently built. This would particularly be a hardship on people involved in short sales. Thankfully, HB1376 is still awaiting floor action. As such, you still have time to influence your legislator by voicing your opinion as a REALTOR®.

“It’s fruitless to just sit there and say, ‘Oh, I wish I could do something,’ or ‘I don’t like this.’ If you don’t act, you don’t get anything done,” explained REALTOR® and Capitol Conference attendee Suzanne Hamilton. Sending a message to legislators can be as complicated as you make it. Sometimes an effective message is just taking the time to be present.

What’s the issue that moves you and will bring you to Springfield? Could there be a proposal you are not aware of yet that might impact your business? Some of the key areas of interest include:

  • Special Service Areas
  • Eviction Statute – Use and Occupancy Payments (House Bill 160)
  • Protecting Cook County Property Owners Against Erroneous Homestead Exemptions (Senate Bill 780)
  • Property Tax Refund in Lieu of State Income Tax Credit (House Bill 3824)

Whatever the concern, you can be sure that your attendance at the IAR Capitol Conference has a direct impact on protecting yourself and property owners. Why? Because legislators see you as visible evidence of their constituents’ concerns. Your appearance at Capitol Conference also sends the message that you care about your community. Don’t wait. Register today.  We will see you at Capitol Conference.

Register online or call 1-800-252-2910 by April 8.

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Jon Broadbooks is vice president for communications at Illinois REALTORS®.

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