Never underestimate the power of “geo-farming” with postcards! And that was so true. Some of the best listings (yes, listings!) I’ve gotten have been from postcard mailers that homeowners have held onto. Now, with Facebook Ads, I can send them physical mailers to their mailbox and market to them when they log into Facebook!

Rachel Scheid
Baird & Warner North Center in Chicago

The best marketing advice I ever got is to embed my personal life with real estate so it becomes a lifestyle. I show up at community events, throw parties, organize my kid’s sports, host barbecues and other activities. Even surfing, boating and playing soccer with friends gets me out in front of people in the community and helps me interact with more people who become my friends and clients forever.

Luigui Corral
RE/MAX American Dream in Chicago

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The best advice I was ever given was to write personal notes to my current, past and potentially future clients. People feel valued that you would take a personal approach to their lives outside of the home-buying process. Showing that they are “more than just a transaction” sets you apart from your competition and your clients will tell everyone they know, thus creating referrals for you. The lasting impact is immeasurable as this has built quality relationships both personally and professionally.

Teri Shepherd
RE/MAX Traders Unlimited in Peoria

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