Illinois REALTORS® Leadership Development Class project

REALTOR® Debbie Pawlowicz gets applause as she completes a presentation before current and incoming members of the state association’s Board of Directors on Thursday.

Barriers to promoting RPAC and an examination of ways to elevate Illinois REALTORS value to its members were the focus of two presentations by the state association’s Leadership Development Program participants.  

Leadership Development presentation.

Gibby Kirby presents before current and incoming members of the Illinois REALTORS® Board of Directors on Thursday.

The 12 Illinois REALTORS® selected for the year-long program pitched their findings in front of members of the association’s new and current board members at the Fall Business Meetings held in Naperville on Thursday. 

Joining the group was Leadership Development Working Group Chair Bob Eby and Vice Chair Brandon Shaffer.  

The class divided into two groups.  

  • The first explored how to better address members who may not see the full value of being a part of Illinois REALTORS®. They team looked at ways to get the message out about several key service areas and particularly the association’s legal services.  
  • The second team focused on how to encourage members to donate to RPAC, which is used to make sure the REALTOR® stance on private property issues is heard by policymakers.  

The presentation ended a year of learning for the group. They had sessions on committee and association governance, advocacy and how to speak to the media.  

Illinois REALTORS® Leadership Development Program members

Members of the Illinois REALTORS® Leadership Development Program include (L to R) Program Chair, Bob Eby, Illinois REALTORS® Vice President for Professional Standards Young Brockhouse, Elaine Rhodes, Amy Barnes, Gibby Kirby, Debbie Pawlowicz, Tina Franklin, Jessica Devore, Kathy Nosek, Suzanne Miller, Rachel Frangos, Danell Moberly, Brett Decker, Luigui Corral and program Vice Chair Brandon Shaffer.