IAR Board takes steps to enhance political advocacy efforts

IAR’s board of directors approved a $25 increase in the RVOICE Initiative Assessment, earmarking the additional funds to enhance the association’s mission of promoting and defending private property rights.

The board approved the measure at its meeting on Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015, in East Peoria.

The current RVOICE assessment is $50. The additional $25 approved by the board will be collected for 2016, and will go into a Political Advocacy Fund.

The RVOICE program provides funding for governmental affairs work on behalf of REALTOR® members in communities throughout the state. The program also educates homeowners about private property issues and supports political candidates who understand issues which are important to IAR’s 43,000 members.

The approval came after an earlier vote that shifted $400,000 from the RVOICE /Advocacy Fund to start up the Political Advocacy Fund.

According to IAR CEO Gary Clayton, the RVOICE assessment has been unchanged for six years.


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About the Author:

Jon Broadbooks is vice president for communications at Illinois REALTORS®.

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