REALTORS® can access updated versions of more than 60 Illinois REALTORS®’ documents, forms, manuals, guides and policies including two newly-created forms through the Legal Services website (logon required).

The Office Company Start-up Checklist is a three-page document that members can use before they open a new business. The checklist suggests members consult with attorneys, accountants and insurance professionals and consider the many options they have for organizing their businesses.

The Affirmation To Cooperating/Buyer’s Broker is a one-page form to document when a buyer’s offer has been presented or the seller has waived the right to receive certain types of offers.

To help REALTORS® find the right document for the right situation, the forms are organized in nine categories:

  • Property disclosure forms,
  • Agency, dual agency and non-agency disclosure forms,
  • Independent contract form,
  • Checklists,
  • Buyer and seller brokerage agreement forms,
  • Manuals, guides and sample policies,
  • Consumer resources,
  • Additional resources and
  • Concealed carry.

See the Legal Forms page now.

And the Legal Services website includes RVoice Downloads that REALTORS® can use to help clients understand private property rights and real estate.