Do you have these apps in your REALTOR® toolkit?


REALTORS® attending the YPN Rebarcamp event in Itasca on Monday, Aug. 4, 2014, shared what they found helped them better provide service to their clients. Among the apps and programs discussed:

Refresh: This app links with your calendar and scours the Web to learn about people you are meeting with. The program can be used several ways. For example, if you have a meeting, you can learn about shared interests or friends you might otherwise not have known. REALTORS® also can use it to monitor information that would be useful in advising clients about what they are saying online that could be detrimental to getting a deal closed.

Anydo: A calendar and task manager that is appealing to the eye and powerful enough to manage a busy REALTORS®’ schedule and the thousands of tasks that come with getting to the closing table.

Houzz: Want to make that home truly yours by remodeling or upgrading? This app allows you to explore ideas, share with friends for feedback and then reach out to find contractors and other professionals who can make the plans a reality. Rebecca Thompson, YPN Illinois chair, said she used it to clarify what interior looks a client is interested in. As she pointed out, if someone says they want a traditional kitchen, they may mean something entirely different from what you have in mind.

Slingshot: This app allows you to share the screen of your mobile device easily with others. How it can be used: Share a property image with a client and get their instant reaction.

RoomScan: This app maps floorplans, and according to the discussion, it’s remarkably accurate. Hold a smartphone up to walls and note the windows and doors. Seconds later a full schematic of the room appears. (Also recommended, MagicPlan.)

Planimeter: A REALTOR® suggested this app is a great to use to map property lines. Want to know if that Olympic-size pool can be wedged onto a property? You can measure and find out with this app.




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Jon Broadbooks is vice president for communications at Illinois REALTORS®.

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