Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker has signed three bills that support the reduction of tax-funded local government units in the state: House Bill 348, House Bill 3369 and Senate Bill 90.

Illinois REALTORS® has consistently supported legislative efforts to eliminate or consolidate the number of local government units. The bills have varying effective dates; HB 348 was effective Aug.  9, 2019, HB 3369 was effective July 19, 2019, and SB 90 will become effective Jan. 1, 2020.

House Bill 348 (McSweeney/Link) adds provisions to Illinois law dealing with the dissolution of a single township in McHenry County by a referendum vote and also establishes the procedure for abolishing a township road district in Lake or McHenry County if the roads of the district less than 15 centerline miles in length.

House Bill 3369 (Weber/Wilcox) provides that the village of Lindenhurst Board of Trustees may, by ordinance, exercise the powers of the sanitary district, including the district’s authority to levy and collect taxes.

Senate Bill 90 (McConchie/Didech) provides for the dissolution of certain drainage districts wholly or partially contained within the Lake Michigan Watershed, the Chicago/Calumet Watershed, the Des Plaines River Watershed or Fox River Watershed. The county board of city council is directed, within 60 days after the dissolution, to reduce the assessment or eliminate the assessment.