September is REALTOR® Safety Month but the commitment to staying safe on the job should be year-round. You can find a variety of safety tips, videos, handouts and other resources to help you recognize and avoid potential dangers. Here is a snapshot of just a few from the National Association of REALTORS®:

At your office:

  • Never allow visitors to wander freely about the office. Have a visitor log book and policy on issuing visitor tags and limit access to certain areas and hours of the day.
  • Make sure all doors other than the main entrance are secured.

At an open house:

  • Prior to the open house, check all rooms and determine possible “escape routes.” Make sure deadbolt locks are unlocked in case you have to escape quickly.
  • Check in every hour with your office, answering service or other contact.

In your car:

  • Keep your car well-maintained to avoid breaking down in remote areas.
  • Place wallets, purses or any other valuables on the side of your car seat, never on the seat next to you. Do not set yourself up for a “smash and grab” or car jacking.

On your phone:

  • Pre-program important numbers (your office, roadside assistance, 9-1-1) into your phone so they will be easily accessible in an emergency.
  • If you have a smartphone, consider installing a safety mobile app.

In your marketing materials:

  • Limit the amount of personal information you share.  Consider not using your photograph in advertising and use your office address – or no address at all in marketing materials.
  • Focus on professional proficiency and not personal information in marketing materials and business cards