Illinois REALTORS® are using a combination of methods, from campaign mail to live and automated phone calls to digital advertising to urge registered voters to support 11 candidates for the Illinois General Assembly on Nov. 6.

The effort is part of an independent expenditure campaign by the Illinois REALTORS® Fund. Independent expenditure activities take place in support of candidates for public office without any coordination with the candidates or the candidates’ campaigns. Ten of the candidates are incumbents and one is a challenger. Six of the races are for seats in the Illinois House of Representatives and five are for the Illinois Senate.

The candidates are:

  • Sen. Neil Anderson of Moline, 36th Senate District;
  • REALTOR® and Rep. Mark Batinick of Plainfield, 97th House District;
  • Rep. Peter Breen of Lombard, 48th House District;
  • Sen. Mike Connelly of Naperville, 21st Senate District;
  • Rep. Norine Hammond of Macomb, 93rd House District;
  • Sen. Andy Manar of Bunker Hill, 48th Senate District;
  • Sen. Chris Nybo of Westmont, 24th Senate District;
  • Sen. Tom Rooney of Palatine, 27th Senate District;
  • Challenger for 96th House District Representative, Herman Senor of Springfield;
  • Rep. Dave Severin of Benton, 117th House District; and
  • REALTOR® and Rep. Sam Yingling of Round Lake Beach, 62nd House District.

REALTORS® can visit the Illinois State Board of Elections website for information about voting registration, voting by mail, early voting and more. Watch this blog during the next three weeks for more information about these candidates. Illinois’ general election is Tuesday, Nov. 6.