Here’s a recap of the unofficial results of the Illinois General Election, which include statewide constitutional offices, the Illinois General Assembly races, Home Rule issues and “Opportunity Races” supported by IAR RPAC and NAR RPAC.

Among the winners are REALTORS® Sam Yingling, Mark Batinick, Fred Boch and former IAR President Mike Onorato.  Remember, the State Board of Elections still must certify results before they are official.

(99% Reporting)

Bruce Rauner/Evelyn Sanguinetti (R)                  1,742,403     50%
PAT QUINN/Paul Vallas (D)                                1,585,332     46%
Chad Grimm/Alexander Cummings (Libertarian)      16,460       3%

LISA MADIGAN (D)                                             2,032,595      59%
Paul Schimpf (R)                                                  1,313,962      38%
Ben Koyl (Libertarian)                                               95,776         3%

JESSE WHITE (D)                                               2,258,070      65%
Michael Webster (R)                                             1,094,486      32%
Christopher Michel (Libertarian)                              101,564        3%

JUDY BAAR TOPINKA (R)                                 1,709,277      50%
Sheila Simon (D)                                                  1,551,035      45%
Julie Fox (Libertarian)                                             163,526        5%

TREASURER – No winner yet declared
Tom Cross (R)                                                    1,624,522      48%
Michael Frerichs (D)                                           1,605,586      48%
Matthew Skopek (Libertarian)                                140,298        4%

(99% Reporting)
DICK DURBIN (D)                                             1,821,597        53%
Jim Oberweis (R)                                               1,470,607        42%
Sharon Hansen (Libertarian)                               131,543            3%


  • All 18 Congressional seats were up in 2014
  • Pre-election split: 12 Democrats / 6 Republicans
  • Post-election split:10 Democrats / 8 Republicans 
  • Two incumbents lost their races (Congressmen Schneider and Enyart).
  • The NAR RPAC Trustees conducted five Opportunity Races in the Illinois Congressional delegation—Incumbents Brad Schneider  (D-10th), Bill Foster (D-11th), Bill Enyart (D-12), Rodney Davis (R-13) and Cheri Bustos (D-17).  Three of the five won and two lost, as noted above (60% success rate).

Opportunity Races — 10 of 12 won (83% success)

 Illinois House of Representatives:

  • All 118 seats were up in the 2014 general election.
  • There were 61 safe districts where the seat was uncontested.  This represents 52% of the races.
  • No net change in the Illinois House
  • Pre-election split: 71 Democrats / 47 Republicans  (Democratic Super Majority)
  • Post-election split: 71 Democrats / 47 Republicans  (Democratic Super Majority)
  • There were 13 open seats this year

No change in party in these seats

  • District 10 – D seat, D won
  • District 37- R seat, R won
  • District 39- D seat, D won
  • District 41- R seat, R won
  • District 48- R seat, R won
  • District 50- R seat, R won
  • District 65- R seat, R won
  • District 94- R seat, R won
  • District 97- R seat, R won
  • District 103- D seat, D won
  • District 106- R seat, R won
  • District 110- R seat, R won
  • District 115- R seat, R won

IAR GAD Howard Handler and REALTOR Sam Yingling (D-62nd) celebrate Yingling's reelection victory.

No incumbent House members lost in the general election. The IAR RPAC Trustees conducted 10 Opportunity Races in the Illinois House of Representatives and nine won (90% success):

  • Rep. Mike McAuliffe (R-20th)
  • Candidate Margo McDermed (R-37th)
  • Rep. Anna Moeller (D-43rd)
  • Rep. Sheri Jesiel (R-61st)
  • REALTOR® Sam Yingling (D-62nd)
  • Rep. John Anthony (R-75th)
  • Rep. Mike Unes (R-91st)
  • Candidate REALTOR® Mark Batinick (R-97th)
  • Rep. Dwight Kay (R-112th)

Candidate Kristin Williamson (R-103rd) was defeated.

NAR RPAC conducted three independent expediture races — McAuliffe, Yingling and Batinick, and all three won (100%).

In the Illinois State Senate:

  • 19 of the 59 seats were up in the 2014 general election.
  • There were 11 safe districts where the seats were uncontested.  This represents 58% of the races.
  • Pre-election split: 40 Democrats/ 19 Republicans (Democratic Super Majority)
  • Post-election split: 39 Democrats/ 20 Republicans (Democratic Super Majority)
  • For our reporting purposes there is one “open” seat. However, Republican Chris Nybo was appointed late in the summer to replace Senator Kirk Dillard (R) and technically ran as the incumbent.  Senator Nybo held this seat for the Republicans.
  • One incumbent state senator lost in the general election for a one seat pick-up for the Republicans.
  • The IAR RPAC Trustees conducted two Opportunity Races in the Illinois State Senate. Sen. Andy Manar (D-48th) won reelection. Sen. Mike Jacobs (D-36th) lost (50% success).

(100% success rate)

Home Rule Powers Defeated

  • Crestwood  (Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® opposed), 70.56% No / 29.44% Yes
  • Matteson  (Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® opposed), 51.56%  No / 48.44% Yes
  • Lynwood  (Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® opposed), 58.95% No / 41.05% Yes
  • Lake Zurich (Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® opposed), 74% No / 26% Yes
  • Barrington (North Shore Barrington Association of REALTORS® opposed) 56% No / 44% Yes

One percent sales tax increase for schools was approved
Morgan County Sales Tax Increase  (Jacksonville Area Association Supported), 59.8% Yes / 40.1%  No

Issue referendum approved in Rockford
A referendum to permit the Board of Education of Rockford – School District Number 205 to use the existing Capital Projects Fund to pay for building and equipping one or more school buildings was approved (Rockford Area Association of REALTORS® supported), 75.23% Yes / 24.77% No.

Local Opportunity Races
The IAR RPAC Trustees approved Opportunity Races for four local candidates and three won (75% success).  The winners were:

  • REALTOR® Mike Onorato – Grundy County Board, Three Rivers Association of REALTORS®
  • REALTOR® Fred Boch – St. Clair County Board, REALTOR® Association of SW Illinois
  • Gordy Hulten – Champaign County Clerk, Champaign County Association of REALTORS®

REALTOR® Tyler Fuhr – Rock Island County Board, Quad City REALTOR® Association lost.

NAR RPAC conducted one independent expenditure race: Onorato’s successful Grundy County Board bid.