Mabel GuzmanThis year I have the honor of being co-chair for the Inaugural Banquet for the Illinois Association of REALTORS® Convention & Expo. The last few years in fact I have been a member of the Convention Committee and it has been richly rewarding. I know… you’re happy for me… and what does that have to do with attending the convention? Well, everything!

The IAR Convention & Expo is focused on REALTORS® like you because it is organized by REALTORS® like you.

We have many a dedicated members from many local associations that give their input on the focus of educational sessions—all pertaining to our success in the current marketplace. With a well-organized staff each year the IAR delivers information, education and tools that will enhance your bottom line.

Also, there are opportunities to network with folks not from your backyard; you get to know REALTORS® from across the state. I usually end up with a referral or a piece of business from attending the convention. If not, my phone usually rings throughout the year from REALTORS® I have met at the IAR Convention.

Additionally, it’s a great way to get to know vendors at the trade show you would not normally see in your marketplace, and then there is a great party with a great band JammSammich (BEST PARTY BAND EVAH!!) for the Inaugural Banquet that will have a Latin tropical feel. I can smell the beach and sun lotion and taste the papayas just thinking about it. (Disclosure: no sand, suntan lotion or papayas will be hurt while preparing for the banquet.)

Finally, this is business about your business and as things are in a constant shift—and change is eminent around every corner— it is our responsibility to get educated and be ready for those changes. Your industry demands it and consumers expect no less.

SEE YA at the IAR CONVENTION & EXPO! Look for me and mention this blog and I’ll give you a reward. Sugar free gum or something ;-). Click here to register online.