Illinois REALTORS® board welcomes new voices says Turner

Illinois REALTORS® will accept applications for six positions on its 2019 Board of Directors through April 15, 2018, and Vicky Turner of Dixon is encouraging REALTORS® across the state to throw their hats into the ring.

A broker for Crawford Realty, Turner has served on numerous committees for the Illinois REALTORS® and the HomeTown Association of REALTORS® during her nearly 25-year real estate career.  Among her responsibilities this year is chair of the Illinois REALTORS® Bicentennial Task Force, an RPAC Major Investor, State Legislative Contact for Illinois Rep. Tom Demmer of the 90th District and her second year as a member of the Illinois REALTORS® Board of Directors. Turner wants other REALTORS® to gain from the positive experiences that the responsibility provides.

“While there are many things I enjoy about serving on the board, what instantly comes to mind is getting to know so many fellow REALTORS® — each with a different skill set,” she says. “We come from many geographical locations.  Some work in small offices while others are in mega offices and still others are from sizes in between. Some are sales people and others are business owners, and I have enjoyed that our board is gently woven together and representative of our entire membership.

“I was fortunate to serve on the first board after the restructure, and I felt then and now that our board is a good reflection of our members,” she says. “It allows for ideas to be exchanged that are reflective of many! In the end, after research, discussions and planning, the decisions we make are best for Illinois REALTORS® as a whole! How cool is that?”

What have you learned from others on the board?

“I’ve learned so much about how our board and association functions – the ‘inner workings’ of our association,” Turner says. “By serving on the board, you get to see and understand where we’ve been, where we are and see the vision for the future. I say sincerely that I am so proud to be at national meetings and conventions and see Illinois leading the way. Time and time again, I will hear someone discuss an idea or a thought, and then realize we are already doing that.

“Our Bicentennial efforts are a perfect example of that long-term vision,” she says. “We could not have 37 plus projects throughout the state if the vision wasn’t there some three plus years ago. The Bicentennial Plaza, wow! That is something every REALTOR® in Illinois can take pride in for years and years to come. It came from forward-thinking leadership willing to embrace ‘big ideas’ and ‘big projects,’ and many, many REALTOR® members giving their time, energy – and often money – to spearhead these efforts. It is not always easy but look at where it takes you!”

Process streamlined this year

The application process for the Board of Directors has been streamlined this year to allow applications to be submitted through an online portal. The form, campaign rules and the criteria for selection are on a special web page.

The association’s Board of Directors sets the overall course for the more than 47,000-member trade association. The board has a total of 28 members, of which 20 are at-large members. Four members of the association’s Executive Committee and four past presidents are also on the board.

Applicants are required to undergo a background check as part of the process.

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