IAR Letter to House members tells why sewer inspection bill a bad idea


IAR continues to press to kill a controversial bill which would require homeowners to pay for a costly sewer inspection before a property sale.

The association sent a letter to all members of the Illinois House this week telling them that HB1376 was bad policy and should be stopped. HB1376 was the subject of a Call For Action, and IAR urges its members to participate. (Read the policy paper, here).

The letter drafted by IAR’s Director of Governmental Affairs Greg St. Aubin points out the burden this legislation would create by mandating sellers tack on perhaps $500 or more in costs to run a video device down a sewer line.

In the letter, St. Aubin writes:

“The assertion that this bill is needed to protect home buyers is a fallacy.  This is not a widespread problem calling for an inspection in every transaction.”

The bill, sponsored by Luis Arroyo, would apply to all properties, even those just recently built. St. Aubin noted the particular burden this legislation would place on those involved in short sales.

In all, the bill could add $75 million onto real estate sales transactions.


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Jon Broadbooks is vice president for communications at Illinois REALTORS®.

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