Tonya BurrisHave you noticed all of those funny looking boxes with dots or triangles? They are popping up in all types of advertising campaigns.  You may have seen them in magazines, at the airport, on direct mail pieces and more.  They are a Quick Response Code or QR Code.

Example of a QR code

A QR Code is a 2 dimensional code that is scanned by the camera on your smart phone and read with an application you install.  These codes were invented in Japan in 1994. While popular abroad, they have just begun to gain popularity here more recently.

When scanned, it will launch your browser and go to the specific URL attached to the code. This can be your website, virtual tour, on-line house flyer, photos, video and more!

QR Code Uses:

  • Your contact information on the back of your business cards, open house flyers, advertising, etc. Maybe even a sticker for your car window!
  • A direct link to a virtual tour or video in print ads or on a sign rider.
  • Direct mail, farming, client follow up… any where you would normally include a business card.
  • These are endless….

QR CODES WILL NOT TAKE THE PLACE OF YOUR BUSINESS CARD YET! Keep sending that as well. But as more people have contacts stored in their phones, they hang on to our cards less. With a scanner, they don’t even have to type the contact information into their phones in some cases. Some will automatically add your information to their contacts/address book and all they need to do is save.

Example of free mobile app at http://gettag.mobiThere are a bunch of different generators available to create codes. I actually use several different generators because they offer different options. A few good ones to get started with are:,, and You will also need to download a reader or scanner for your smart phone.  There are several to choose from for various smart phone models. Search your App Store or Market place or from your phone, view,, or to download a reader or view a supported phone list. Microsoft has also released their version.

Technology has changed the way we advertise, send listings to our clients, and handle follow up contact with our clients. Just to name a few. I remember MLS Books, waiting on 35mm film to be developed and flyers being made off site. Technology cannot do your job for you… but it can help you to simplify and actually give better service. Start small, find something you’re comfortable with and build from there.  Maybe you just found your “something small”… QR Codes!