Don’t miss Jan. 5 voter registration deadline

If you want to vote in Illinois’ general primary election on February 2, then remember that tomorrow – January 5 – is the deadline to register to vote. The primary election is earlier this year as is the traditional registration deadline.

Not sure if you’re already registered? You can check online with a search through the  Illinois State Board of Elections to see if you’re registered to vote.

Need to register, but have questions about where to go and what you’ll need to do? The Illinois State Board of Elections’ Web site offers information on whether you are eligible to vote, where you can register and what you’ll need to bring with you when you do.

Election law does allow for Grace Period Registration (January 6 – January 26 for the upcoming primary election) to register to vote or change your address at the office of an election authority. However, people who register during the grace period must cast their ballot at the same office (or by mail at the discretion of your local election authority). Learn more about Grace Period Registration.

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