Register for Capitol Conference by Wednesday and make a difference

Reserve your place now for the event that’s sure to make a difference for property owners and REALTORS® in Illinois: IAR’s Capitol Conference and Lobby Day.

You have until the end of end of business tomorrow (April 8) to register for the IAR Capitol Conference and Lobby Day, April 14. The $40 registration fee covers your lunch, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. See the agenda.

What issues will bring YOU to the Capitol for this unique one-day opportunity?  For REALTOR® Shelly Berendt, the issue in 2014 was a proposed fire sprinkler mandate. IAR backed a bill to prevent the fire sprinkler mandate from taking effect and ensure that changes to the fire codes go through the General Assembly. Ultimately the Illinois Fire Marshal conceded to engage open and full discussions with all stakeholders.

“Face-to-face interaction with the people making the decisions always makes more of a difference and has a heavier impact than an email, a letter or even a phone call,” Berendt said of her reason for attending the Conference.

REALTORS® enjoy the support and camaraderie of other professionals who are interested in the same issues and decisions, and the IAR Capitol Conference is one way to interact with many colleagues in a short time period. REALTOR® Zeke Morris of Chicago said in 2012, “I think it’s very important to let people know that not only are we REALTORS®, this is our profession, but also we care about our communities, and it’s important for our legislators to know or to see us in force.”

Your presence at the IAR Capitol Conference is a visible representation of constituents’ concerns. But you can’t be that voice for your clients if you’re not there! Take a moment to register today and find out what a difference a day can make. Register today online or call 1-800-252-2910.

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Jon Broadbooks is vice president for communications at Illinois REALTORS®.

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