Call for Action

Illinois REALTORS® is urging its members in Cook County to take part in a Call for Action which asks the Cook County Board of Commissioners to reject a rules change which will hurt private property rights.

The “Just Housing Ordinance” seeks to make it easier for those convicted of some crimes to have a path back into society by placing guidelines in what questions a property owner can use to screen housing applicants. But, the ordinance, which passed this spring and is in a rule-making process, goes too far, Illinois REALTORS® believes.

  • The rules would limit any review of past convictions to only three years. Illinois REALTORS® sought a seven-year look-back period.
  • Additionally, if an applicant is denied the rules would require a rental unit to be held off the market for 10 days if there is an appeal. This causes undue financial hardship for property owners.

Illinois REALTORS® has worked for months to suggest ways to make the rules fairer for renters and property owners. The CFA is an effort to make sure the association’s members are heard on this critical property rights issue. Without changes, the new rules could go into effect on Jan. 1, 2020.

Cook County REALTORS® should look for the email announcing the CFA today and respond.