Format: Classroom
Instructor: Chris Read
Location: Chicago-area  •  Downers Grove
Start Date: Sep 30, 2019  •  End Date: Sep 30, 2019
Credit Hours: 3 – Elective
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Registration Information
Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® or 630-324-8400

Course Description
Agents and companies that continuously demonstrate good business ethics will enjoy reputations of professional and ethical practices. Through situation analysis of real-life events, students will recognize how a commitment to good business ethics will guide the best of business decisions.  This course meets the NAR biennial ethics training requirement.


  • Through analysis of a case study students will interactively determine procuring cause of a transaction and how a panel might rule versus the outcome of mediation.
  • Key procedures for Ethics and Arbitration hearings will be identified
  • Students will compare the concepts of general business ethics with the REALTOR® Code of Ethics
  • Through real life scenarios students will identify code violations and determine which articles should be cited in a complaint
  • Students will gain a working knowledge of why, what, and how to utilize the Citation and Ombudsman programs
  • Students will discuss and recognize how a commitment to ethical practices will positively impact their reputations and their career successes.