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Gain access to information which can help avoid ethical pitfalls in the practice of real estate with the professional standards program and toolkit.

Are you following advertising rules?

One of the top questions Illinois REALTORS® gets is about how to advertise in a way that meets state and REALTOR® Code of Ethics guidelines. Illinois REALTORS® ombudsman program has a guide you can share with other REALTORS® which tells what to DO and NOT TO DO. Learn about these 24 things in advertising!


Professional standards videos

Learn more about specific professional standards issues with the Illinois REALTORS® video series on the topic. REALTOR® and trainer Diane Disbrow highlights the differences between arbitration and mediation;  and Illinois REALTORS® Matt Difanis explains the ins and outs of Article 12 compliance with social media.


Article 12 Compliance

Matt Difanis, Illinois REALTORS® President-elect, explains the ins and outs [...]