Your invitation to the REALTOR® Party

Consider this your formal invitation to the REALTOR® Party.

Sorry, I am not describing a party with streamers, balloons, cake or booze. The REALTOR® Party is a political party.

But STOP! Before you run screaming for the exits, let me (a recovering partisan, hyper-political cable news junkie) explain why this is the Party for you. Perhaps like me, you are turned off by the anger, noise, friction and fighting in politics. Polling from Fox News to MSNBC to the Pew Research Center shows that partisanship is at an all-time high.

Alternatively, “The REALTOR® Party is a powerful alliance of REALTORS® and REALTOR® associations working to advance public policies and candidates that build strong communities, protect property interests and promote a vibrant business environment.”

REALTOR® issues are not Republican or Democratic.

Our advocacy is based on whether a law or regulation will help or hurt REALTORS® and their clients. 

Our advocacy seeks to rise above partisanship so that elected officials can make decisions that are in our best interests on topics ranging from incentivizing homeownership, keeping the Internet open or allowing insurance companies to offer affordable health insurance options. These topics can get heated, but less so when we approach them from the perspective of the REALTOR® Party.

The REALTOR® Party may not have balloons or cake, but we do have many tools and resources to build strong advocacy campaigns. Community grants help us build the REALTOR® brand in your neighborhood. Managing brokers have access to REALTOR® and consumer mobilization resources that help increase Calls For Action and REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC) participation. Your REALTOR® Party especially loves supporting REALTORS® who decide to run for political office.

If I have not convinced you yet, let me make a final appeal based on the strength of our brand. I recently attended a panel discussion made up of public relations, advocacy and lobbying professionals who all had one thing in common; they had formerly worked for the National Association of REALTORS®.

Every single panelist agreed that there is no other advocacy organization in the U.S. with the brand power and strength to fight for its members as the REALTORS®. That can change, though.

To retain that brand, we need you to join the REALTOR® Party. Vote in all elections, Act on all Calls For Action and Invest in RPAC.

Learn more at or invite your outreach team member to visit your office.

REALTOR® issues are not Republican or Democratic. Our advocacy is based on whether a law or regulation will help or hurt REALTORS® and their clients.

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