SB 1380 Update: Bill not on committee agenda, for now


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Senate Bill 1380 was supposed to have been reviewed by a House committee on Thursday morning.

Under the bill, a municipality would have the ability to attach liens for code violations not just to the offending property, but also to other properties owned by a common owner. The bill was proposed as a way to get the attention of scofflaws who fail to take care of their property.

SB1380 was pulled from the agenda of the House Cities and Villages Committee on Wednesday. It was not not on the agenda for the committee on Thursday morning.

IAR lobbyists reported that it was once again placed on the agenda Thursday for consideration when the committee was to meet Friday.

But late Thursday, the bill was again pulled from the agenda.

The bill has been the subject of two IAR Calls for Action. The first was an attempt to thwart Senate passage of the bill. The most recent attempts to stop the bill from consideration by the House. (Take part here.)

The bill is still active, and the on-again, off-again committee status shows that it is still very much in play. Lawmakers could call the bill for a House vote up until they gavel out for the summer. The session is expected to end May 31.

“Nothing is ever dead in Springfield until lawmakers go home,” said Greg St. Aubin, IAR’s Director of Governmental Affairs.

The bill is seen as an overreach of government authority, and IAR has consistently pointed out to the bill’s sponsors and other lawmakers that statutes already allow municipalities to address nuisance code violations.
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