Understanding why residents want to move

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Many renters are fed up with their housing, and seek a transition to becoming homeowners, according to a report published in REALTOR® Mag.

What does that mean for you as a REALTOR®?

You have the opportunity to help these prospective homebuyers get a piece of the American Dream.  The U.S. Census Bureau report, Desire to Move and Residential Mobility: 2010-2011, collected data for several years from approximately 50,000 households. You may want to use some of the data to develop marketing strategies this spring and summer. Among the findings:

  • 14.6 percent of residents age 16 to 34 wanted to move, compared to 10.4 percent age 35 to 54;
  • 16.5 percent of all renters interviewed – or more than twice the percent of homeowners – wanted to move; and
  • 14.3 percent of households with children wanted to move, compared 8.7 percent without.

Of the households that wanted to move:

  • 6.1 percent cited housing conditions;
  • 4.7 percent said it was because of their neighborhood; and
  • 4.1 percent mentioned safety concerns.
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