Tough choices ahead as Illinois deals with budget issues

Political analyst Paul Green, third from right, talks with Illinois REALTORS® and IAR staff

A week after Gov. Bruce Rauner and state lawmakers were sworn into office, political analyst Paul Green shared his thoughts on the state’s political landscape with Illinois REALTORS® Wednesday at the IAR Public Policy Meetings in East Peoria.

The outlook? The state of Illinois faces tough choices as it grapples with budget deficits and a populace that doesn’t want to be asked to pay more or go without.

“The new governor faces a real mess and the question is how is he going to deal with it specifically? How is he going to sell it to a General Assembly that’s filled with people in a super-majority of the other party. That’s the real dilemma,” said Green, a political science professor and a political analyst for Chicago’s WGN Radio “News/Talk 720.”

“The problems are enormous but whatever possible solution they come up with, they are going to have to sell it to the legislature,” he said.

It raises the long-time political dilemma – who is going to pay and who is going to get. To make inroads it is going to take mutual sacrifice.

IAR leadership pose with the RPAC Triple Crown trophy

There’s got to be more revenue, there’s got to be fewer expenditures and you’ve got to manage what you have better, Green said of the state.

Green was a guest speaker at the IAR REALTORS® Political Action Committee’s (RPAC) Recognition Lunch, honoring REALTOR® advocacy and grassroots political involvement.


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