Illinois REALTORS® Global Business Council hosted a booth at last week’s Spring Conference & EXPO in Collinsville, inviting REALTORS® in attendance to participate in games and drawings designed to illustrate the global reach of the Association.

“We want to see all of our members across the state get excited and get more involved in international real estate,” said Sharon Gorrell, Director of Housing, Global Business & Diversity for Illinois REALTORS®.

Visitors to the booth were quizzed on identifying flags from countries around the world, and then invited to mark on a map the many countries they had visited.

“These games help REALTORS® understand how far they can reach, and hopefully get them thinking about why they can be global players in real estate,” Gorrell said. “The whole idea is to show just how global they really are.”

As the map became more and more filled with pins, Gorrell smiled.

“I love seeing them think about the fact that they could be part of global business,” Gorrell said.