Could Snoop Dogg or Taylor Swift lyrics keep confidential info safe online?

Take advantage of some great tips provided during the “Cyber Security: A Shared Responsibility” webinar.  Kristina V. Dorville of the Department of Homeland Security’s National Cyber Security Division shared best practices for preventing identity theft, improving security for mobile devices and cyber security in the workplace.

To prevent identity theft, Dorville suggests you:

  • Never leave a computer or cellphone open and unattended.
  • Type a web address directly into address line of a web page instead of clicking an unknown link.
  • Change your passwords frequently and use different kinds of passwords for bank accounts, work email and personal email accounts.
  • Use passwords unique to you, such as lyrics of a favorite song. (i.e. Pick a song phrase, then use the first letters of those words in combination with numbers and symbols. Avoid using the names of kids or pets.)
  • Do not open or forward email from someone you do not know.  Scammers try to trick people into sharing personal or confidential information (i.e. bank account numbers) via email for fraudulent or illegal purposes.
  • Beware of emails from businesses or organizations asking you to update information. (Most established organizations require you to go to their website to provide changes.)
  • Use to report instances of identity theft.

To maintain mobile security, she recommends you:

  • Change your default passwords.
  • Use apps with caution because some security protocols aren’t as good as others.
  • Restrict what you do on public Wi-Fi networks since criminals seek access to information there.

For workplace cyber safety, she urges you:

  • Ask permission before adding hardware or programs to your devices.
  • Follow your company Internet policy.
  • Use USB drives with care.
  • Backup your files regularly so you don’t lose important data to a virus or other problem.
  • Report suspicious or strange behavior within your office since some breaches are caused by insiders.

If you’d like more than this overview, you can:

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