Illinois REALTORS® continue to voice their disapproval of Rent Control as upcoming committee hearings will include discussion of two Rent Control bills.

The Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times have both recently come out against rent control legislation because it will reduce housing inventory, distort pricing and drive up property taxes.

The House Judiciary Civil Law Committee could consider House Bill 255 and House Bill 2192 even though nearly 6,100 REALTORS® have participated in a Call for Action against Rent Control in the first week. REALTORS® can still participate in the Call for Action now.

The number of participating members continues to grow.

House Bill 255 is the first of four pieces of legislation introduced thus far this legislative session that would repeal the Rent Control Preemption Act – a 1997 Illinois REALTORS® initiative that prohibits local governments from enacting Rent Control. If House Bill 255 becomes law, all home rule units in the state could impose Rent Control.

House Bill 2192 would repeal the Rent Control Preemption Act and create a massive new bureaucracy, including the creation of six regional Rent Control boards to mandate Rent Control statewide.

REALTORS® can continue to participate in the Call for Action. Respond to the Call for Action today.