The Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR) announced the availability of its downloadable guidebook for housing professionals Wednesday, “Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications: A Guide for Housing Professionals.”

In honor of the 50th anniversary of federal Fair Housing Act, the IDHR worked with Access Living, Inc., to develop a resource that explains the adaptations that must be made in housing for persons with disabilities and their family members. Its release is a follow-up to the April Fair Housing Seminar held at the John Marshall School of Law in Chicago and sponsored by Illinois REALTORS®. IDHR Director Janice Glenn said the guide is designed to eliminate housing discrimination, promote economic opportunity and achieve diverse, inclusive communities.

“This guidebook is unique because it compiles all the ‘must have’ information in one place,” Glenn said. “This guidebook will act as a true resource for all housing professionals . . . and releasing a guidance of this nature is a great way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the federal Fair Housing Act.”

Marca Bristo, CEO and president of Access Living says the guidebook will help make the complexities of the law easier to understand. Her organization is committed to fostering an inclusive society that enables Chicagoans with disabilities to live self-directed, fully engaged lives.

“Expanding housing options for people with disabilities is critical for our community to be fully integrated into society,” said Bristo. “The right to reasonable accommodations is one of the best tools we have to achieve that end. We hope the guidebooks becomes a ‘go to’ resource for housing providers and serves to demystify the requirements.”