Are you ready for this week's open house?

If you’re preparing an open house this weekend, take steps to make sure the event is safer for you and your associates.  In the spirit of REALTOR® Safety Month, here are seven ideas provided by the National Association of REALTORS®:

  1. Arrange to have multiple REALTORS® work an open house at the same time.
  2. Program emergency numbers into mobile phones before opening to the public.
  3. Check your cell phone’s signal strength before the event begins.
  4. Check all rooms for escape routes and make sure deadbolt locks are unlocked.
  5. If the back yard has a fence, unlock the gates.
  6. Always walk behind potential customers and gesture for them to enter rooms ahead of you.
  7. Tell a friend, relative or someone in your office that you will call in every hour on the hour; otherwise, they should call you.

Get more ideas about open houses, the safe use of social media, safety at the office and safety at home.

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