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A great new RVOICE brochure, “What You Should Know About Commercial Real Estate Broker Liens,” (form #649) is highlighted for Managing Brokers in the January issue of IAR’s D.R. Legal News.

Mike Scobey, IAR Assistant Director of Advocacy and Local Issues, says the brochure is based on a 1992 state law that gives real estate brokers the right to a lien on commercial real estate to secure fees and commissions due to them. The law is designed to help brokers collect what’s owed to them without expensive legal battles.

While the brochure provides answers to 10 questions, Scobey’s article gives five examples:

  • What is a commercial real estate broker lien?
  • How is commercial property defined?
  • Who is a broker under the lien statute?
  • How does a broker create the right to a lien on real estate?
  • When does a lien become effective?

Get a free download of the brochure or order a printed brochure by viewing the January D.R. Legal News.

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