Quad City REALTORS® help fund bicentennial mural at Black Hawk State Historic Site

Black Hawk State Historic Site is home to a new colorful mural honoring the state’s 200th Birthday. As part of their bicentennial legacy project, Quad City Area REALTOR ®Association partnered with the historic site to help fund and create the new mural in Black Hawk State Historic Site in Rock Island, which was the home of Native Americans and 19th Century settlers.   

Quad City REALTORS® purchased paint and tools. Members then volunteered to complete the painting and bring the project to life.  

“Thoughtful REALTORS® have continued to provide the catalyst for inspiring the families and tourists who share with us our community involvement,” said David Levin, Quad City Area REALTORS® President. “This mural represents our heritage as well as our future for all generations, past and present.” 

Located in Rock Island, Black Hawk State Historic Site boasts hiking trails, a nature center, a museum on Native American life, and more. The park is a historic landmark of the area with 208 acres of nature and over six miles of hiking trails bordering the Rock River in Rock Island county. Built upon land that was once the home to the Native American Sauk nation, and the park pays homage to its former residents with the Hauberg Indian Museum, which interprets the story of the Sauk and Meskwaki tribes.  The park is managed by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.  

REALTORS® across the state are working with heart in their communities to complete projects like this to commemorate the Illinois Bicentennial. Quad City Area REALTOR® Association’s project is one of 36 legacy projects being completed by our 29 local REALTOR® associations.  

Various projects include fundraising for local historic home repairs while others are funding historical murals for their community or promoting local historical properties and societies. Illinois REALTORS® has donated land in downtown Springfield next to our headquarters to build Bicentennial Plaza – a REALTOR® Community Partnership, which is a signature project of the state bicentennial celebrations. 

The association is an official endorsed partner with the Illinois Bicentennial Commission, which oversees the state’s plans for the milestone birthday. 

(This blog post is part of a series over the next several months covering Illinois REALTORS® local associations legacy projects leading up to the state of Illinois  200th Birthday. Learn more.) 

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