REALTORS® organizing their receipts for income tax preparation can review a dozen video tutorials from the National Association of REALTORS® that focus on changes to the U.S. Tax Code.

Members can choose the topics of most interest to them:

tax laws video

  1. Elimination of business entertainment deduction. 
  2. Taking the 20 percent business income deduction. 
  3. Changes to the mortgage interest deduction. 
  4. Limits on state and local tax deductions. 
  5. Curtailment of casualty deduction. 
  6. Curtailment of moving expenses deduction. 
  7. Retention of capital gains exclusion on home sale proceeds. 
  8. Changes in tax rates. 
  9. Increase in standard deduction. 
  10. Elimination of personal exemptions. 
  11. Doubled child credit.
  12. Access and share page that includes videos, links, slides, transcripts, and embed codes.