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With members of the Illinois House of Representatives due to return to Springfield today and the Senate due back next Tuesday, IAR is keeping a close eye on SB1380 since the deadline for final consideration on this bill was extended to June 30. Here are summaries on other bills of interest mentioned in the June 1 State Capitol Report:

  • IAR lobbied for amendments to the Illinois Human Rights Act to mirror the federal fair housing law, and House Bill 3464 has been approved by both the House and the Senate. IAR’s position is to keep the law clear for our members.
  • Regarding municipal crime-free ordinances, IAR supported a ban on all crime-free municipal ordinances, but the bill that passed both chambers limited the protections to victims of domestic and sexual violence, as well as the disabled. The bill now goes to Gov. Bruce Rauner for his approval.
  • Regarding modifications to the Real Estate License Act, IAR supported a bill (House Bill 3332) that removed obsolete references such as “salesperson” from the Act. The House and Senate have approved.
  • Thanks to House action and the Senate’s agreement, IAR has been added to a task force regarding the use of drones in Illinois.
  • IAR supports technical corrections to be made to the “broker price opinion” and “comparative market analysis” provisions of the Real Estate License Act in House Bill 3333. The legislation was initiated by the real estate appraiser lobby, which also wanted a “recovery fund” established for circumstances when appraisers are not paid by an appraisal management company. However, IAR is neutral on the idea of a recovery fund. The House must take final action still on this bill.
  • IAR continues its support for the consolidation of local government. House Bill 228 places a four-year moratorium on the creation of any new units of local government by the Illinois General Assembly. House Bill 3693 grants Belleville Township the authority to discontinue and be abolished, transferring all rights, powers, duties, assets, property, liabilities, obligations and responsibilities to the city of Belleville. House Bill 229 grants Lake and McHenry County Boards the authority to dissolve or consolidate by following specific requirements.  In the event House Bill 229 is approved, House Bill 245 excludes conservation districts from consolidation.

For more details on these and other pieces of legislation, read the June 1 State Capitol Report.

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