A great way to honor those who serve is to help them find a home.

As you may know, the federal government has a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) loan guarantee program that is provided as a benefit to our U.S. armed forces, both active duty and retired.  However, there are certain rules and restrictions on how and when those benefits are obtained.  For instance, before a veteran may utilize the benefit he or she must receive a certificate of eligibility.

Also, veterans who may have unfortunately obtained a subprime loan in the past may be eligible to refinance 100 percent of their mortgage into a VA guaranteed home loan.

In order to help you service those who have served our country the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) has put together a VA Toolkit with detailed information on the loan guarantee program including information on eligibility, loan products, benefits for disabled veterans and much more.  Additionally, NAR has put together a quick video question and answer series that might help get you started.  The video and PDF of the toolkit booklet is provided by following the links below.  The full toolkit, complete with CD and quick series booklet for answers at your fingertips, is available for purchase through the NAR online store.