As sewer video bill dies, your call against property lien bill is needed, too!

Thanks in part to the response of Illinois REALTORS® to the IAR Call for Action on House Bill 1376, Rep. Luis Arroyo’s mandatory sewer video inspection legislation will not likely be called for a vote this week!

If so, the bill is dead this year unless extraordinary measures are taken outside of the normal legislative process.

Keep the emails coming!

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There is still work to be done on our second Call for Action on Senate Bill 1380. Sen. David Koehler’s legislation would allow municipalities to skip the foreclosure proceeding on a lien to collect removal costs for an individual offending property, and instead obtain a judgement lien against ALL real estate of the owner.

Senate Bill 1380 remains on third reading in the Senate, and could still be called for a floor vote today or tomorrow!

Please make your voice heard!

CLICK HERE to respond to the Call for Action on SB 1380!

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