NAR blog: Barrington agent doesn't want you to become another victim

REALTOR® Celeste Barr of Keller Williams Success Realty in Barrington, Ill., wants colleagues to trust their intuition so they can avoid becoming a victim of crime, and she’s relating her experience to make the point.

Barr shared her thoughts with Graham Wood, a senior editor of REALTOR® magazine following Arkansas REALTOR® Beverly Carter’s death. Wood relayed her advice to fellow REALTORS® in the NAR “Speaking of Real Estate” blog. Read the story and her reasons for speaking up.

Here are a few excerpts from Barr’s email to NAR:

  • “Back when I was a newer agent in 1991 – I had only been in the business for two year(s) – I, too, was attacked.  A ‘buyer’ attacked me in the basement of a home.  I got away.  I was one of the lucky ones.” 
  • “If I were to give any advice to anyone in our community of REALTORS®, it would be to listen to your gut more.  We’re all so eager to get the next deal; we’re not listening.  Even as our gut is screaming, we think it won’t be us.” 
  • “Plan ahead and have a way out, even if all you have is a lame excuse to leave.  You really need to keep a safe zone between you and the client.”
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