With a committee hearing scheduled on two Rent Control bills, 5,301 Illinois REALTORS® have answered a Call for Action to prevent Rent Control in Illinois so far.

More REALTORS® are expected to participate before the House Judiciary Civil Law Committee considers House Bill 255 and House Bill 2192 during Wednesday’s hearing. Through the Call for Action, 10.6 percent of the association’s members told their respective state representatives why they oppose Rent Control, said Neil Malone, director of grassroots and political programs for the state association.

The association started its Call for Action on Feb. 18.

At least four bills seeking to implement Rent Control in Illinois are pending in the General Assembly. The association sees Rent Control as an affront to private property rights which would hurt those seeking affordable housing if the policy is implemented. (Take part in the Call for Action here).

To learn more, Illinois REALTORS® offers a resource page explaining why Rent Control is a bad policy for Illinois.