Gustafson offers business tips to cut through the noise #GameOnIAR

In his opening session for the Illinois Association of REALTORS®  Fall Conference &  Expo, trainer Ashton Gustafson offered tips for what he called “making music out of all the noise in the world.”

Agents can stand out from the crowd by not settling for being on time but striving to be faster than clients even expect. Gustafson points to online retail sites that have made their mark with stellar — and fast — customer service and delivery.

Another idea, build a unique brand for your business that ties in with you and your local community. Gustafson has effectively branded his Texas real estate company with the catch phrase “Ashton is my Homeboy,” as a nod to his boyish looks and work selling homes.

Gustafson also recommends paying attention to clients with the personal touch. He has made it a habit to write five to 10 handwritten notes to clients and prospects every day. With the flood of technology and information these days, people appreciate the personal touch, he said.

A few more ideas:

  • Strive to be a professional with training and education
  • Find successful leaders in the industry and emulate what they do right.
  • Stand out to your clients by being remarkable not the status quo. Word of mouth is more important than ever.

Thanks to Fifth Third Bank for
sponsoring Gustafson’s session.


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