Can you guess how these case studies end?

Managing brokers can gain insight into real estate scenarios – involving guns, suicide, vicious dog attacks and money – when they read the legal case studies in the November issue of DR Legal News.

The six case studies covered by Lisa Harms Hartzler of Sorling Northrup Attorneys can be summarized like this (but they’re really worth reading in their entirety):

  • Shooting range on the second floor of a gun shop held to be a permitted use in zoning allowing private recreation.
  • Title company consented to pay a $200,000 penalty for alleged RESPA violations.
  • A jury must decide if a broker was liable for a salesperson’s fraud.
  • A landlord was not liable for injuries caused by tenant’s vicious dog away from the premises.
  • A listing agent was entitled under the listing agreement to both a portion of forfeited earnest money and a commission on subsequent sale.
  • The court allowed a wrongful death suit to proceed against a real estate developer who pressured family to move out of apartment.

Read the November analysis now.

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