Unless you’re an expert on the Illinois Private Sewage Disposal Code, the question of whether you should use the free RVOICE brochure, “Requirements for Septic System Owners” (item #646) is a no-brainer!

This brochure – which is written in easy-to-understand language for clients – summarizes recent changes to the code and how the changes affect property owners served by septic systems. The changes largely involve maintenance and record-keeping requirements.

You can get a copy for yourself immediately via download. However, to help homeowner clients and friends make informed decisions and avoid foul-smelling septic system problems, visit the IAR REALTOR® Store and place orders for packages of 25.  As always, only shipping charges apply to RVOICE materials.

The septic system brochures were developed as part of RVOICE (formerly known as the Advocacy Program).  When you distribute RVOICE materials to your homeowner customers, you provide useful and money-saving information on legal topics and new laws that affect real estate.  For more information, visit the Governmental Affairs/RVOICE section of our website.