The Legal Webinar series hosted by the Illinois Association of REALTORS® yielded a trove of information on privacy issues, including updates on federal policy involving the use of drones to photograph properties as part of marketing efforts.

Todd Turner with the Sorling Northrup law firm talked extensively about drone usage and privacy issues stemming from a recent Illinois Supreme Court ruling. Member interest was so keen on the topic that the webinar extended past its usual one-hour schedule.

Members can find the full webinar archived here and read a companion article in DR Legal News.

Turner did a short video interview on drone usage here. The drones being used to capture images of properties are typically small, helicopter-like devices with an attached camera. They can be steered by remote control from the ground.

In the video, Turner advises REALTORS® that the Federal Aviation Administration has not released guidelines for how to operate drones for commercial use, although rules may be set by the agency by the end of the year.

Turner also cautioned IAR members about the liability issues that might stem from the devices’ use.