Real estate is not immune to the changes being created by technology and cultural shifts, but REALTORS® bring a vital set of skills to the table that consumers need in the transaction: customer service, market expertise and problem solving, says industry speaker Monica Neubauer.

“I want you guys to bring the data. I want you to be better than a computer. Bring your personal touches, your therapy, your customer service. Be better than a search box,” said Neubauer during her closing session “Change is the New Norm,” at the Illinois REALTORS® Conference & Expo Thursday in Collinsville.

Things may change, but there are many factors that REALTORS® can control including the ability to learn new ideas, re-examine business models and adapt to changes, she said.

Neubauer, who also works as a REALTOR® in the Nashville, Tennessee market, said business models that recognize what consumers want and deliver it, will succeed. She pointed to businesses such as Netflix, Amazon and Uber gaining market share because they identified what people want.

The same can be true for successful REALTORS® who recognize that strong personal connections and stellar customer service are part of where their strength is, she said.

“You are on the ground, you are the hand holders,” she said. “Have that awesome customer service. Be the better business model in your market.”

Finally, Neubauer offered the 4321 lead generation tracking method to help keep REALTORS® front of mind with consumers. Each day try to make four phone calls, send three handwritten personal notes, add two new people to your contact database and have one face-to-face meeting with people.