Broadview residents get information urging Home Rule defeat

Sample postcard

Postcards with the headline “Home Rule is like handing local officials a blank check,” arrived in the hands of Broadview residents during the past few days, reminding them to vote “no” on the April 7 Home Rule referendum there.

Broadview, in Cook County, is one of four municipalities considering Home Rule during the Illinois consolidated elections, and the Illinois Association of REALTORS® is lobbying against it.

Also, a community meeting was held last Saturday in Broadview to educate residents about Home Rule.

Sample handouts from community meeting

IAR cares because the clients of more than 43,000 Illinois REALTORS® are sensitive to any changes in regulation and taxation. Increases in both areas could scuttle deals, make communities seem less attractive or – in some cases – price a property owner or would-be buyer out of the market. REALTORS® want affordable, quality housing for anyone wanting to realize the American Dream of home ownership. They also want to make sure that commercial interests are served by making sure the costs that can be a barrier to job creation are as low as possible. Layering on the potential for additional taxes and regulation undercuts these missions.

See the March 5 IAR blog post “IAR opposes 4 Home Rule measures in April 7 elections” for more information.

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