7 ways to make sure your phone etiquette doesn’t hang up clients

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Can a better grasp of modern phone etiquette help you save time, communicate better and demonstrate your respect for others?

The answer for REALTORS® – professionals who live by their own Code of Ethics – is a resounding “yes!”

Consider seven tips that will show your professionalism, maintain your clients’ privacy and keep the lines of communication open during your busy day:

  • Conference calls – If you’re coordinating the discussion, introduce everyone in the room as each caller joins in the conversation.  Remind everyone the names of those who are part of the conversation.
  • Speaker phone – When you activate this function, make sure you let others know so they don’t assume the conversation is private. Let callers know if you’re in a public place or if someone else is with you.
  • Car/Bluetooth – Since Jan. 1, Illinois law requires drivers to use a hands-free device or use the speaker instead of holding it up to your ear. If you use your Bluetooth device in your vehicle, be sure to let your colleague or customer know what you’re doing and if anyone else is in the vehicle with you.
  • Mute – Always be polite, use tact and your best manners even when this function is activated. That way, you’ll never say something you’d regret if there is a malfunction.
  • Voice Mail – If you leave a detailed message for someone and he or she responds by leaving you a detailed message, make sure you listen to it before calling back.
  • Voice Mail 2.0 – If you are asked to leave a message, leave one rather than just your name and number. Otherwise, you are delaying the process and forcing colleagues or customers to call you back again.
  • Voice Mail 3.0 – Even though Caller ID is commonly used, don’t assume the person you call can see it. Always leave your name and a return phone number, or you risk not receiving a return call.

Need more? The National Association of REALTORS® offers some great ideas, too.

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